3141 Anas Bin Malik Al Malqa Dist. Unit No. 20 Riyadh, 13521 – 8292

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Consulting and Public School Services

The Consultants of the Centre work collaboratively with schools to build skills and expertise within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Consultants will work with teams serving students in a range of placements, from full inclusion to self-contained special education programs. For preschool-aged students through adults, consultants focus on:

  1. Generating effective solutions to improve student progress.
  2. Reducing challenging behaviours.
  3. Increasing independence.

Hence, our Consultants will collaborate with public school professionals to provide guidance covering from simple suggestions to the development of a comprehensive ABA classroom that integrates best clinical practices for any individual who may present any kind of difficulty.

Mission Statement

To bring science into everyday practice with an ultimate goal of enhancing the quality of life of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities. This is achieved because we provide high standard, individualised educational services and therapy programmes focused on Verbal Behaviour.