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Education Services

1. ACE Workshops / Courses

Training workshops and courses will be provided to train participants with the foundational skills to work effectively with students with ASD and related conditions. These courses will be delivered in person and/or remotely (e.g., video conferencing). Topics include, but not restricted:  

    • General principles of ABA.
    • Incorporating reinforcement systems and data collection into programming.
    • Preventing and reducing challenging behaviour
    • Inclusion strategies for students with ASD and related conditions.
    • Employing a variety of different behavioural procedures/methods such as Shaping, Incidental Teaching, Chaining, Discrete Trial Teaching, Pivotal Response Training, Precision Teaching, Video Modelling, Activity Schedules, Social Stories, Functional Communication Training, Token Economy Systems, Self-management Treatment Package, Schedules of Reinforcement and others.
2. Parent Education

The Centre will offer a series of informational sessions for family members. All teaching sessions will include topics of interest and importance towards the goal of helping participants better understand, advocate, and care for their family member with ASD and/or related condition and their families.  Such sessions will be interactive in terms that time for questions and answers will specifically be allocated.

3. Student Education

Student education will play a critical role in the development of the Centre. Examples include:

Educating individuals who are 18 years of age and possess a minimum of a high school diploma or national equivalent to become Registered Behaviour Technicians (RBT® or Behaviour Therapists). An RBT is a paraprofessional who practices under the close and ongoing supervision, who is primarily responsible for the direct implementation of behaviour-analytic services. The RBT does not design intervention or assessment plans. It is the responsibility of the RBT supervisor to determine which tasks an RBT may perform as a function of his or her training, experience, and competence. This specific training will address the following areas of education:

    • Measurement
    • Assessment
    • Skill Acquisition
    • Behaviour Reduction
    • Documentation and Reporting
    • Professional Conduct and Scope of Practice

Mission Statement

To bring science into everyday practice with an ultimate goal of enhancing the quality of life of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities. This is achieved because we provide high standard, individualised educational services and therapy programmes focused on Verbal Behaviour.